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Hair Removal for Women and Men

Gemeita IPL Hair Removal

Working Principle
Under the illumination of impulse light with specific wave band and pulse width,the melanin in the skin absorbs energy and transfers the transient heat to the follicle.When the hair follicle reach certain temperature,they will enter the dormancy period,which makes the hair stop growing by stages and fall off.
The ideal effect can be achieved by using the removal for 8 weeks or more.decided according to the physique of different people.


The Feature of Gemeita Hair Removal

5 Energy Levels
2 Flash Modes
DC Power
600000 Flashes Lifespan
Intelligent Senor
3CM² Luminous Area


Suitable for many skin and hair types
Gemeita IPL hair removal system works on a wide variety of skin and hair types
On skin types:From naturally dark brown ,medium brown, light brown, beige to white alike are all suitable.
On hair types:Naturally dark blonde, brown and black coloured hairs.
NOTE:Gemeita hair removal are not suitable for very dark skin and cannot be used on white, gray, blonde or red hair.


5 Energy Levels
Come with 5 optional intensity gears,each gear has different power and suitable for different skins sensitivity.we suggest you to use the 1st gear when you use it at first time.


2 Flash Modes
2 flash(Manual and Auto) modes designed meeting you needs.Manual mode are mainly use for small area like bikini line.when using the manual mode,please press short press “flashing”bottom when you put the hair removal right angle to skin,and it will flash to remove hair. When using auto mode,only need to put the hair removal right angle to skin,it will flash to remove hair automatically.
High - efficiency Painless and Permanent
These hairs naturally shed after several weeks(8 weeks or above) treatments and the further regrowth is inhibited,Gemeita hair removal can achieve a big efficiency.Painless hair removal giving a luxury experience and permanent hair removal meeting your expectations.