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HolyHigh Smart Watches GPS Sports Watch P1C

HolyHigh A3S Premium ANC Bluetooth Man with Headphone Sunset

GPS Sports - The Real-time Tracker for Your Sports

GPS sports support running, walking, riding, and hiking. Because the watch GPS does not have the aid of data network. It is recommended to open the positioning function in the open space for better and more stable signal.

Sleep Monitor - Intimate Companion for Your Sleep

The smart watch will automatically record your sleep quality and sleep time. It will synchronize the data when connecting the next day. You can also set an alarm on your App, which is really intimate for your health.

Heart Rate Monitor - All-day Health Tracking

HolyHigh smart watch automatically detects the heart rate every 10 minutes. When you manually measure your heart rate, please wear the watch at one finger's distance from the carpal and keep it close to the skin until you can't see the indicator light. You can get the calibrated measurement data after 13 seconds.


IP68 Waterproof - Your Swimming Assistant

In the swimming scenes, it can record the movement distance, swolf, stroke data, and 100-meter speed, etc. Please slide the screen to set the distance of the pool after you click the swimming mode so as to calculate the accurate distance. The watch should not be used for diving.

Intuitive Data Display

The fitness watch provides objective data for your health. When you connect the HolyHigh smart watch to your phone, the time of the watch will be synchronized with the time of your phone. You can review the data by opening the "Zeroner Health Pro" App.

Detachable Charging Base

Because the watch needs to be highly waterproof, it is equipped with a detachable charging base. The charging base can be removed after the watch is fully charged, giving you a lightweight watch.

HolyHigh A3S Premium ANC Bluetooth Man with Headphone Sunset