Hosome Bathroom Ceiling Light CX-UP36002-RD


Hosome Ceiling Light is designed with a small size (230*40mm) and only 300g weight. It's very easy and convenient to be mounted to the ceiling without additional tools and manpower.


  • Power consumption: 36 Watt
  • Article weight: 310(g)
  • Color: 36w-white
  • Packaging dimensions: 23.8 x 23.5 x 4.5 cm

Hosome Bathroom Ceiling Ligh


  • High Brightness& Long Lifespan
  • Simple, Elegant Design & Wide Applications
  • Glare-free & Eye-caring
  • Compact Design & Easy Installation
  • Efficient After-sales Service

Hosome Bathroom Ceiling Ligh

36W Hosome LED Ceiling Lamp emits 3040lm bright cool white light that can cover up to 15-20㎡ wide range. 20,000 hours lighting lifespan will bring you continuous light for your comfortable & warm home and reduce the frequency and cost of changing lamp so as to achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

Hosome Bathroom Ceiling Ligh

With built-in high quality LEDs, it gives off uniform and even bright cool white light without flickering, protecting your eyes from harsh and glare lights. From now on, create a clearer and brighter home for yourself and your family, say goodbye to dim environment.


Please cut off the power before installation to avoid electric shock.