Stereo Headset Adapter Sound Enhancer for X-BOX


Headset Adapter is designed for Xbox Controller, it is a good game assistant for the official Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Controller!
How to connect it?
Please note that you need to align the headphone jack and the USB interface to the matching position of the adapter at the same time. Then insert them at the same time. When you hear the "click" sound, it means the connection is correct.
Ergonomic Design
This headset adapter is made of durable ABS material.
Four Modes

  • Vocals mode: Not only it can attenuate 90% of environmental noise, but also accurately recognize the people's voice. You can communicate clearly even in a noisy environment.
  • Music mode: The headset adapter for Xbox One uses stereo surround, which can highly restore the sound of vocals and musical instruments, and provide you with an experience just like the live concert.
  • Movie mode: This mode can highly restore movie sound effects, providing you with clearer sound quality and a more comfortable user experience.
  • Game mode: This mode uses virtual 7.1 surround sound effects, which can help you clearly distinguish the surrounding environment.



  • 【Four Sound Effect Modes】This headset adapter for Xbox One contains four sound effect modes: vocals, music, movies and games. The device has a built-in mode switching prompt sound program. You can choose different sound effect modes according to your needs and enjoy an immersive audio experience. For example, the vocals mode can attenuate 90% of ambient sounds, thereby helping you maintain clear communication with others.
  • 【Super Scout Mode】This headset adapter has a unique scout mode, which is a good assistant for the shooter game and other games. It can accurately locate the direction of the sound source and effectively enhance the sound of reloading, driving, gunfire and footsteps. In a variety of noisy environments, the headset adapter for Xbox one helps you hear the subtle sounds and win the victory faster.
  • 【Independent Microphone Switch】This headset adapter for Xbox One controller is equipped with a microphone switch. You can freely choose to turn on/off the microphone to protect your privacy and freedom appropriately. When you are immersed in the game, this button can make your operation more convenient. ECHTPower is committed to becoming your most intimate game assistant!
  • 【Plug and Play】This headset audio adapter support plug and play, you don’t need to install any drivers for this. It is compatible with all original Xbox One controllers with a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack. Before use, please read the manual carefully and install/remove the headset adapter according to the instructions of the manual.
  • 【Flexible Volume Adjustment】 This adapter has volume "+" and volume "-" buttons. You can quickly adjust the volume through the headset adapter, without the need to go through the Xbox console. This headset audio adapter uses professional-grade audio chips, allowing you to hear the clearer and real sound.

Package Included:

  • 1 * headset adapter for Xbox
  • 1 * manual