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Vigorun Smart Watch ID205G

HolyHigh A3S Premium ANC Bluetooth Man with Headphone Sunset
HolyHigh A3S Premium ANC Bluetooth Man with Headphone Sunset

Built-in GPS

The smartwatch has a built-in GPS that can directly show a GPS track map of a run or a cycling on the watch, and precise positioning system helps you understand your own positioning anytime and anywhere, and you’ll never get lost.

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health, Vigorun smart watch tracks your sleep and generates sleep analysis reports by its APP to help you get helpful insights about each night, set a bedtime routine and develop good sleep habits for quality sleep.

Sedentary Reminder

When you’ve been working for long hours, the activity tracker will remind you to take a break and do relaxation exercises or stretching exercises to relax your body. This can help you reduce fatigue, refresh yourself and increase productivity.

Ultra-long Battery Life

Only a 2.5 hours charging time gives this smartwatch up to 10 days of battery life or 30-35 days of standby time, so you no longer need to worry about the dead battery during outdoor or indoor activities.

Music Control

Control music player without taking out your mobile phone. You can open and control the music app directly on the fitness tracker, such as play/pause music, skip to the previous/next song.

DIY Watch Faces

Vigorun activity tracker supports DIY screen setting and custom wallpaper for you to add a personal touch to this watch

24H/7D Heart Rate Monitoring

The smartwatch helps you track your immediate heart rate automatically and continuously, so you can grasp and judge your physical condition and health status in real time according to the changes in the curve.

Physiological Period Tracker

The smartwatch records a woman’s menstrual cycle and reveals the different phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle in different patterns. The smart watch will keep an eye on your physical condition and help adjust your health to the best level. (It appears only if the sex was set as female)

Weather Reminder

Weather function allows you to keep track of the weather in your city. Because weather data is obtained through mobile phone network, it is required to maintain the connection between the watch and the phone to timely update weather data.